A year ago I had started developing some rough sketches on which directions the CGI production could take for “Bizerba“ in the years to come.
Finally around five month ago I had started putting some of the ideas together during my spare time and the CG piece came into being.
It was an exciting look development journey, and although the individual scenes are just excerpts of different visual styling attempts, I am happy that I’ve found time to put it all together in one piece.
The result is definitely not a finished one: on the technical side I had to neglect several things (explicit UV layouts, clean model topology etc.) to pull it off, also some scenes turned out at the end to be not what I was aiming for, as the technical realization would have consumed a lot more time.
A notice on the renderer involved:
Around two years ago I switched my entire production pipeline from Vray to Corona Renderer.
Since then a lot of exciting projects have come and gone, yet I’m still pushing the limits of what the renderer is actually capable of. It’s exciting to see how fast one can iterate through different look development phases.

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